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Nolo Legal Encyclopedia:

 Excellent for learning about our world from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.


Funk and Wagnalls:

A plain-english explanation of legal terms


Home Repair Encyclopedia:

 An encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus and more in one


Search Engine Collection:

Need help for the do-it-yourselfer? Here is the place for good advice


Medical Encyclopedia:

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Medical information by Dr. C. Everett Koop





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Children's Museum of Indianapolis
The Fun Online section of the web site includes activities in palentology, astronomy, geology, human skeleton and the arts.
The EMuseum fosters graduate and undergraduate learning through participation in research and scholarly activities. Consistent and constant interaction with the global community benefits both. Scholarship and learning are at their best when interactively presented. We involve our students in presenting, discussing and working with cultures, past and present, in order to enhance the understanding of the Human Condition.
Mediterranean Archeological Resources
This Greek website links to major archeology journals. Scroll past those to get to some wonderful links to information about Ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman cultures. Great for some high school and college level students. Look under the British School at Athens for a Quicktime VR tour of the Minoan Palace of Knossos.

Science Resources


School Science
The aim is to provide information about the science learned in schools and how it is applied in industry and research. We hope that the contexts are interesting to school children and help to motivate them by seeing the relevance of the science that they are doing. All the resources are written by experienced teacher authors and carefully edited to maintain educational integrity.
Tour Canada from Space
Great satellite images from the different provinces of Canada. Compare the types of remote sensing devices used for these shots, comparing the finer points of Landsat, Radarsat, and Spot MLA. For older students, tutorials explain the fundamentals, sensors, microwaves, and more.
The Last Word
If your students are in search of interesting science fair projects, this may be the place to begin.
Cyberspace Farm
Want your students to know from where their next meal is coming? CyberSpace Farm, sponsored by Kansas Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE), features activities, articles, and fun facts about farms and ranches. Students can compare journal entries from a farm wife in 1900 with a farm wife in 2000.
CBC for Kids
The Canadian Broadcast Company web site for kids. The CBC4Kids Web site applies these same ideals to the Internet, focusing on children aged 8-14. Our aim is to create a safe, entertaining and informative place for kids to explore, while stimulating their curiosity, their desire to learn, and their sense of country.
Science Tools


Periodic Table - Interactive
Rolling over each element should display simple physical data about that element. If you click on the element it will search the site for additional information. This will be upgraded to show different data sets and be targeted at different age groups.
An encyclopedia of Internet insect resources.
LookSmart Science Multimedia
The folks at LookSmart have grouped together some of the best multimedia sources for science and mathematics students, teachers and enthusiasts.
Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
Students of many ages study ions. But what happens when you smash an ion? And how would you do it? Brookhaven National Lab has created a virtual tour of its Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, which recently began operation. Learn about construction techniques, and what is being studied as the ions fly around the RHIC "Racetrack." More importantly,introduce your students to cutting edge research.


Space Kids
Connect to our ever-growing kids' site. Students can watch real-time launch videos, get homework help, ask their own questions in the Q&A section and play space games, for a start! Send kids to this URL and they'll learn about space without even knowing it. Or build your own lessons around spaceKids activities.


Welcome to StarChild; A Learning Center for Young Astronomers.


Imagine the Universe
A glimpse into the mysteries of our universe; what we know about it, how it is evolving, and the kinds of objects it contains.


Cool Science for Kids
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology...on screen, off screen, and in between.
An online resource for animations and interactive programs dealing with biological topics. This site is filled with bio activities and tools for students of all ages. For younger children, choose "Cool Science for Curious Kids." For older students, especially AP students, access the latest virtual tools for the geneticist, physician, and immunologist in the virtual labs.
Cell Biology
Basic information about cell biology topics. Most of these topics focus on structure/function correlations.
Cell & Molecular Biology Online
Ageneral resource for online information on cell and molecular biology. The resource is designed for research scientists, graduate students and post-docs, educators and students, and anyone looking for relevant information on cell and molecular biology.
The Human Brain:

Dissections of the Real Brain

The dissections in this electronic atlas can assist those students entering the field of human neuroanatomy for the first time to find out a great deal about the appearance and organization of the brain.
View the bones of the human anatomy from different angles. Compare those bones with the bones of a chimpanzee or a baboon. Funded by the National Science Foundation, this resource allows students to access clear, detailed images that they can observe, describe, and compare.
What is Photosynthesis?
A hot hotlist on photosynthesis, courtesy of Arizona State University. Some articles are geared to elementary and middle school, while other articles are appropriate for college students. Learn about photosynthetic pigments, preparing starch slides, and how photosynthesis rates are measured in nature.
Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery
The Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery is designed to assist botanists, ecologists, and natural resource managers with the identification of plants. It should also prove useful to educators in the classroom as well as students who are required to learn plants as a part of their studies. Furthermore, we hope that those of you with any affinity to plants, hobby or otherwise, will find this to be an interesting and useful site.Ongoing project currently 600 species of vascular plants.


Biology, chemistry, and biochemistry educational web sites.
A virtual chemistry textbook, to provide an interactive guide for high school chemistry students. In addition, CHEMystery allows you to further expand your chemistry knowledge by letting you interact with other Internet resources on the World Wide Web.
Chemistry Function
Do you have fond remembrances of balancing Chemistry equations? This site balances those pesky unbalanced equations and performs molar conversions equations with ease. The Chemistry Functions site is an excellent study aid authored by professors at Stanford.


The Virtual Cave
From the comfort of your keyboard, browse the wonders of the underground! As a caver and photographer for over 30 years, I've collected images from caves all over the world. This site tells the story of caves in words and pictures: what's in them and how it got there.
Mining Technology
The web site for the mining industry
Marine Science


OregonCoast Aquarium
Take a virtual tour of the Aquarium, check out our special events and learn about education resources for teachers and students.
Canada's Aquatic Environments
Explore the habitats, animals, and plants that comprise Canada's beautiful aquatic environments. This online text book also links to abstracts of current research being conducted in Canada.
Physical Science


A Century of Physics
Let's bring physics into the real world...this site highlights advances in physics over the last hundred years. Review the Panorama pages to view highlights, decade by decade. View these discoveries in context with political and artistic movements of the time. For a list of all the events listed, consult the Index. Entries are color coded to differentiate between discoveries on a cosmic scale, a human scale, or an atomic scale.
Curriculum Resources


Science and Math Initiatives (SAMI)
SAMI is a clearing house of resources, funding, and curriculum for rural math and science teachers.
Performance Assessment Links in Science
PALS is an on-line, standards-based, continually updated resource bank of science performance assessment tasks. The grades 9-12 performance tasks include a Science as Inquiry component.
Benchmarks On-Line
Benchmarks is a follow-up report of "Science for All Americans" and specifies how students should progress toward science literacy, recommending what they should know and be able to do by the time they reach certain grade levels
PBS TeacherSource

Health and Fitness

PBS quality programming and educational services.


PBS TeacherSource

Science and Technology

PBS quality programming and educational services.
Science Biographies


Biographies in the field of Anthropology
This biography web has been developed by the anthropology students at Minnesota State University, Mankato as a part of our EMuseum. We strive to produce brief descriptions of anthropologists and other scientists that have direct influence on the discipline of anthropology.